Shopping and storm

Spent the morning in town shopping. Hadn’t been shopping since about July!!- well in Tabuk that is! Also stopped by the tailor to get a dress copied- a handy facility that beats any western tailoring in price but perhaps nt always in quality. My dresses should b ready on Monday as they’ll b closed for a couple f days fr Eid.
Managed a wee bit of study in the afternoon before going for a massage. Just a I was about to go the rain started. By the time I left te salon there were huge puddles everywhere ad te thunder and lightning started. Weirdly this happened yesterday about the same time and it’s forecast for tomorrow too! Spent over half an hour watching the lightning from the upstairs bedroom and attempted to catch some f it on photo. Paul and I reminisced How we regularly used to get amazing lightning storms when we lived on the airbase in the 80’s and 90’s but hadn’t seen many for years. We’re now wondering if we’ll see any ‘wadi action’ on our way to Aqaba on Wednesday.




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