Desert and results.

Really good week. Started off a bit stressful as I was suffering from a bad cold and had my first OU assignment to complete. Sent it off not feeling very positive about it and just couldn’t believe it when 2 days later my tutor sent back my result- 85%!! Unbelievable but it was a rel pick-me-up:) after that I was really relaxed and looking forward to the weekend and a trip in the desert. Thursday started a bit fresh 9degs C headed down Bajda road and at the petrol station turned into the desert and drove to a rocky ridge with some old graves on top. Really interesting dry stone type walls and tumuli. Looked at little double arch close by as well. Drove on to a beautiful green bushy enclosed rocky area and had lunch there. Spent quite a while scrambling around and just enjoying the scenery. A really lovely day spent in an area that is visited by Saudis but I think I’m probably one of the few privileged westerners to have ventured here:)


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