Social week.

Usually, I don’t have much contact with the local people but this last week has been an exception. It started last Thursday with the company ‘away day’ at a horse riding centre on the outskirts of Tabuk. Many of the Saudis Paul works with turned up with their families and we spent a very pleasant few hours chatting, looking around, watching the children play, drinking Gahwa and enjoying a lovely buffet of food. I met Hasan’s wife and before we left he told me his wife wanted to invite us to their house.
On Sunday evening we attended a company presentation evening for people achieving awards and some others for long service certificates. Paul was receiving his 30 year certificate and also a Spencer Tart framed print of a Saudi Door. It was a very pleasant evening and again there were some Saudis present to have a few conversations with.
Our invitation to Hasan’s house was for Monday evening. It turned out a truly memorable time. In 26 years of living in Saudi I have never been to a Saudi family home and I was both excited and a bit nervous.





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