Gahwa and date and ginger cake

I’ve always liked Arabic Gahwa coffee but never actually tried to make it for myself. Today was my first time! Hasan and Sarah kindly gave us a Dallah pot, some Arabic coffee, (which is green unroasted ground beans) and some crushed cardamom when we visited them earlier in the week. So, having all the ingredients handy I tried to remember the recipe I’d been told by Sarah with the help of her son. Just to confuse me even more I checked out a couple of recipes on the Internet and then decided there was no point in procrastinating any more and to get on with it! So just for the record this is what I did- 3 spoons of coffee in a pan with boiling water; bubble away for 20 mins; decant into a jug; add half a spoon of cardamom; pour back into the pan and bubble for 2 mins; decant into the serving pot; allow to settle for a couple of mins; then serve. It wasn’t the best Gahwa I’ve ever had but it wasn’t too bad. A few more attempts and I might just be happy with the result! We enjoyed a couple of small cups each sitting on the bench outside before lunch.

In the afternoon I made a date and ginger cake- a recipe I hadn’t used for many years. I remembered about it a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be a nice change of cake for a desert trip. I seemed to remember it was a bit ‘Christmassy’ so as it’s the 1st Dec tomorrow and we’re planning a trip next weekend I dug out the recipe, was pleased to find that except for bicarbonate of soda I had all the ingredients and the shop fortunately had baking soda ( American name ) so the cake got baked and is now cut and ready in the freezer for next Thursday 🙂


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