Well I can’t think that it’s the last day of 2012 and my 3 week holiday is fast coming to an end! Reading all the good wishes on Facebook I just wish it was so easy to make the world a more caring, peaceful place for us all to live. Meanwhile on the tv is a report about child labour and the part it plays in the manufacture of so many of our products- chocolate and cotton to name 2. Yes I will try to be more discriminating about the ethics of the products I buy in 2013 – a minute effort in a gigantic problem but something I have felt strongly about since student days.
Anyway, being in Saudi and not an official holiday here Hogmanay is a quiet affair and to be honest I don’t really mind. It’s now 11pm here but midnight in Dubai so there’s an amazing firework display happening there around the world’s tallest building (sky news reporting).


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