Well this evening I’ve just experienced my first session of face time. What a weird experience! Mum and dad have been at Brian and Wendy’s for Christmas and New Year. After failing to have a chat at Christmas due to being at Mick’s and then in Aqaba we were determined to ‘talk’ tonight. Cameron being the technology guru contacted my iPad (so I’m still clueless to how it works!) using Face time. It was so strange – I felt far less relaxed than on the phone- in fact seeing the person felt a lot more off putting than I thought it would be- perhaps we’re so used to talking face to face with people we’re in close physical contact with and not on a screen. But then again the first experiences of the telephone were no doubt equally if not more unsettling for those concerned- in fact thinking back to using the telephone as a small child I remember that being very strange and stilted. Also Brian’s Internet connection wasn’t too good so that probably didn’t help as the picture kept freezing and I wasn’t sure if I was being heard or not. Anyway, that was a first and next time, whenever that will be, might not be so weird:)