Open University assignment.



How weird is this? I have spent a large part of the weekend – remember I am in Saudi so that means Thursday and Friday- trying to get my head round my latest assignment which just happens to be about English and technology including the way English is used in blogs! Needless to say I’d rather b actually writing my online diary than analysing the way English is used in them. I’m just glad I still have 10days until it’s due as not a lot of progress in what I’m going to write has been made.

First signs of spring!



Most people I know are surprised to hear that the winter months here in the north of Saudi get amazingly cool, with even the possibility of snow in the mountains nearby. Now the days are beginning to warm up and life is starting to come back to my garden. Today it was a joy to spend a little time there and appreciate the beauty of nature in the form of the narcissi and nectarine blossom.