Desert camping

On our way to the desert for our overnight camp we stopped at a garage on the way where local people set up stalls to sell their goods. We were particularly interested in the wood seller as we wanted to buy some wood for our fire at night. The wood seller was very pleasant, but being a woman in Saudi I stayed in the car as I didn’t have my abaya on and didn’t wish to cause a scene! I did want to take some photos and was trying to ask the seller if it was ok when a couple of boys from the next stall seemed to take offence at me taking photos and started gesturing and talking to me-to push their point even further one of them picked up a stone and started tossing it in his hand. I felt very threatened and was aware that Paul and the others were engrossed in their transaction and unaware of what was going on! What was really ‘funny’ was just as we were about to drive away one of them started taking photos of me!!
We travelled onto the twin arches where we had camped before and settled in for the evening. Our aim was to, hopefully, see the comet that was passing. Being a bit hazy only Viv managed to get a photo with his very powerful zoom lens. However, we had a very pleasant evening identifying various constellations and the planet Jupiter.

Around the campfire I played around with taking photos using my iPad and experimenting with photobooth.


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