5 camp in the Saudi desert! Day 1

Bright and early on Thursday morning Viv, Paul, Thez and us set off in two 4wds to explore and camp in a totally new area- Al Shahran close to Medain Saleh, famous for its Nabatean tombs.
It was a 2 and a half hour drive so we stopped off at a rocky place where we knew there was some rock art and inscriptions for a coffee break, take some photos of flowers and set up a geocache.

On we travelled to the Al Shahran area and turned off into the desert after 20km on the new road to Al Jaharan, letting some air out of the tyres as there was almost certainly to be some soft sand in places.
As we drove on the scenery just got better and better. We couldn’t believe how green some areas were and the swathes of daisy type flowers that were practically everywhere! Beautiful:) unfortunately, there just wasn’t time to stop at as many places as we would have liked or we would never have got to complete this first exploratory trip.


We encountered some quite ‘hairy’ driving experiences- narrowing gorges that we were unsure would take us anywhere; stretches of soft sand that seemed to go on for ever, twisting and turning past rocks and bushes- definitely driving by the seat of his pants for my husband and me just hanging on for dear life and urging on our car to get us through!
Soon it was time to find a campsite to relax and spend the night. It took a while to find one we liked and I was beginning to think we were being too fussy when we found the perfect spot.


My bed for the night- and very comfortable it was too!


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