Enterprising community!

Living on a compound in the north of Saudi Arabia means that I don’t have access to any of the facilities that might be available in bigger cities like Jeddah or Riyadh. Only a few wives have work visas as nursing and teaching tend to be the occupations that women can be employed to do. Other women who have talents that can be utilised by the community set up small private businesses and thank goodness as without them the community would be a poorer place to live.
Yesterday I enjoyed a very relaxing facial from one of the Thai wives, the day before a British woman pampered my feet with a pedicure and next week I will have a neck and back massage from a Philippina woman and my hair cut by a British woman. And then there is the food providers- 2 Thai ladies cook Thai and Chinese type meals, a Lebanese woman offers Arabic food, a Brit cooks chips and burgers at the weekend and many women bake cakes and savouries or make jams and pickles for sale in the compound shop.
Various talented arty women make handmade cards, take commissions for paintings and stained-glass and create stitched and knitted items for sale.
So, yes our community has much to be grateful to these women who make our lives a bit more like living in a small village than a soulless compound with few facilities:)

20130402-235113.jpgyummy spring rolls and delicious Thai curry for sale.

20130402-235400.jpggarden grown oranges that get turned into marmalade!

20130402-235501.jpggreen tomato chutney coming soon in the shop using home grown tomatoes.


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