Sand dunes in the desert?

Before I came to Saudi I didn’t really give the country much thought, but then my husband to be went there to work and it had a lot more meaning for me. All this was before google and the Internet so in my mind’s eye my image of Saudi was very much the terrain of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ ie. a succession of sand dunes.

20130426-215834.jpgThis was what I thought Saudi Arabia was like!
I first came to Saudi in 1986 and it wasn’t until I travelled nearly an hour outside the town before I saw my first sand dune.
Now I have travelled around in the desert quite a lot and I never fail to be amazed by the diversity of the landscape and probably more accurately – the desertscape! Yesterday I spent the day exploring an area I have been to a few times before and was still stunned by the sheer beauty of what some might imagine is a barren, dry country.

20130426-221020.jpg stunning rock sculptures!


20130426-221428.jpg evidence of those who lived here before

20130426-221655.jpggreen places in the wadis.

20130426-221826.jpgand like all countries less breath taking scenery.
Yes, it didn’t take me long to discover that Saudi Arabia is certainly not one big sand dune!



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