About 10 years ago I read an article about geocaching and thought the idea of using a GPS to look for a hidden ‘tub of treasure’ sounded fun. Really enthusiastic I went on the website to see if there were any geocaches in my area of Saudi Arabia. Alas, not a one! And that was the end of my geocaching for a few years.
Going exploring in the desert has been a weekend interest of my husband and I for so long and it was on one of our expeditions a couple of years ago that I thought – ok there are no geocaches here but what’s stopping me from hiding some? Confidence for one thing as I’d never even seen a real life Geocache to get an idea of what to do. Luckily, by now the Internet was on hand to glean some information and ideas.
I set about collecting a few small items to put in the ice-cream tubs that I had decided would be a reasonable size of container for my ‘hides’. Pencils and notebooks were also searched out in the local stationary shops and I put together my first few boxes ready for our next desert trip.
I always try to find a place of particular interest so that the person finding the cache won’t just find the ‘treasure’ but actually experience something more.
After my 7th hide I was surprised one day to receive an email telling me that someone had found my geocaches! He had travelled up from Jeddah – a mere 11 hour drive!- for the weekend just to ‘bag’ them! Since then he has returned on 2 more occasions to search for my hides and always gives me good feedback on his experience – mainly positive but a few times critical of my inaccurate co-ordinates! Now, each Geocache I set up I take special care as I do not wish to disappoint my keen follower who travels so far just for my geocaches!

20130430-204456.jpgMy last Geocache- my 30th:)
Have I ever found one for myself? Yes I have found a grand total of 11- 3 in Jordan, 1 in Saudi Arabia and the rest in Scotland.
Interested? Check out


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