T.A.I.W! (Thank Allah it’s Wednesday)

It’s Wednesday and for many expats (and Saudis) it’s the end of the working week and a welcome couple of days off:) Saudi is one of the few Middle East countries that take Thursday and Friday as their weekend. Most other countries here take Friday and Saturday and there has been talk of Saudi changing too, but so far it doesn’t seem to be going to happen soon. In business terms this means that Saudi is out of line with companies and banks not just with Europe and U.S. but also with its neighbours which narrows the days that transactions can be done.
So what to do with 2 lovely, free days to oneself and one’s family?
That depends very much on where in Saudi you live and also what kind of people you are. In a city there are more opportunities for shopping and eating out- which seems to be a popular weekend activity for many.
Here in the smaller town of Tabuk a visit to town is still a popular activity and a bit of a necessity to stock up with food items. Not very exciting but teamed with a visit to a fast food outlet is a Thursday morning must for many people I know.

Venturing further afield a visit to the beach is a common weekend trip for families and divers. The Red Sea is about 2 hours drive away and many popular camping sites are dotted over a couple of hundred miles of the coast.
And then there’s my favourite- exploring the nearby desert. A lovely feeling just being at one with nature and enjoying the peaceful feeling I always seem to experience there.
However, this weekend there’s no trip for me- I have a university assignment due and I need to do some serious study- so my downtime will be watching a DVD and getting a takeaway from the compound restaurant.
Enjoy your weekend whenever it happens:)

My favourite place to be at the weekend.

Fast food street.


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