Brussels sprouts in June!

What is it about brussel sprouts that they always seem to get such a reaction when mentioned? They definitely are a vegetable that you either love or hate. I fall into the love camp and have been that way since I can remember- in fact I am so weird that for along time they were my favourite vegetable!
Living in Saudi has meant that many winters and therefore Christmas meals have come and gone without a single brussel sprout to be seen in the supermarket. Occasionally there is talk of some being available in Riyadh and then if you are fortunate to know of someone visiting there you might be lucky enough to have some brought back for you.
Imagine our surprise when shopping on Thursday to see these in the veg section!

We have no idea where they have come from as they are just labelled ‘imported’ and for a change as imported goods they aren’t horrendously priced- 8 sr. Which is about £1.30- not cheap I know but compared to paying £5 for a small tub of blueberries or £5 for a head of celery, not bad.
Were they worth it- definitely. I blanched them earlier. Counted out 5 each for my husband and I to have for dinner and froze the rest for another time. They were sooooo good:)
Okay so we live in a desert etc. so having to have lots of fruit and veg imported should be expected, but this is a little known fact. Flowers are grown in this this area using hydro culture and are exported to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to sell in the flower market there!!
As well as our imported brussel sprouts and blueberries we also bought this bunch of beautiful Saudi grown lilies!

Something to ponder next time you’re buying flowers- they might have been grown on a farm in Saudi Arabia!


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