Thinking of home.

The town taken from the beach.

The town taken from the beach.

‘Home is where the heart is’ is an often said phrase. For me home is where my husband is as that is definitely where I am happiest. So at the moment it’s here in Saudi! I can never actually remember ever feeling homesick for what is my real home- Scotland. I love being there and am looking forward to eventually returning there to live but at the moment living overseas is still enjoyable.
Yesterday, however, I was made aware of a new music video by the UK group ‘Scouting for Girls’, which had been filmed entirely on my ‘home’ beach. What a surprise, as my town in Scotland is not exactly high on the list of any film producers as far as I’ve ever been aware! It was a weird feeling to see somewhere that I have known all my life as the backdrop to a well known group’s music. But did it make me homesick? No. But it did make me very happy to think I will be able to walk on that beach in just 3 weeks when I go home on holiday.
Sadly, after trying for an hour to attach the video I have failed miserably. But here is the link if you want to take a look-
And here are a few pix I took last time I was there in February.


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