It’s the weekend here in Saudi so a perfect time to catch up on some serious study for my Open University course. Having received my books a few weeks ago I’ve been really proud of how far ahead I’ve been able to get with the reading. Now comes the first assignment. This week I’ve been trying to get together the notes I think I need to make a start on writing my essay.

So this was how much of my day should have been spent.
This is what was achieved instead.

Five flower brooches that I hope will appeal to a few people at the Christmas Fayre on our compound in December.
I’m really happy with them -only feel a little guilty about doing zero work on my essay and feel positive that tomorrow I’ll be in a more literary mood- Inshallah! As they say in Arabia!

4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Writing an essay is really challenging and so is Open University. I like the subject for the essay as well, it’s interesting!
    And oh, these little flowers look so cute and elegant. I love them. I love their little hearts, with the stitches and the beads on it.
    I understand about feeling guilty and all that, I recognize this so well. But you managed to work on both, so well done!

  2. Those little flower brooches are so cute. They would also be gorgeous turned into headbands or clips for little girl’s. Wish that I was that clever and crafty to be able to make something so beautiful for my little girl! 🙂

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