2014- ScottishYear of Homecoming.

Well today my husband hit me with the news that his job is being Saudi-ised and we will probably leave here on 1st March! We had been expecting redundancy but not that we would only have a month to pack up etc.and leave this country that has been our home for 28 years! I’m still a bit stunned but compared to some people I have know out here I have lots of time to sort myself out. I’m just hoping when I wake up inthe morning I will feel focused and ready to tackle all the ‘stuff’ I have accumulated in all those years- yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder and now I’m regretting my- it might be useful some day, way of thinking. So time to call it a day and tomorrow will be the first day on the path to my new life in Scotland and all the experiences that will bring.

First socks of 2014.


First socks of 2014.

After 3 lovely but busy weeks back in Scotland it’s nice to have the time to get back into my knitting. The first pair of socks of hopefully a few knitting projects this year are intended for my sister-in-law in Wales. With the weather they’ve been having lately, the sooner I get them to her the better!