Loving the snow.

In everyday life snow is not something most adults seem to have a great fondness for, and to be honest, when I had to drive 14 miles to work I certainly dreaded it. But, just now I’m on a ski holiday in Austria and I can’t get enough of the stuff!! Of course a lot of sunshine thrown it really helps.


I wish I could say I was one of the people to make these ski tracks but my skiing skills confine me to the piste where I’m very happy.image

stopping for a coffee,hot chocolate or ?? Is all part of the skiing tradition.


The inside of the the mountain restaurants all have their individual charm. That’s one of the reasons I love skiing in Austria so much.image image


The Alps were so clear today:)

after 2 fabulous days in the sunshine and snow I feel so blessed and hopefully tomorrow will be another day to love the snow!


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