Farewell January!

Fabulous skiing in Lech.I was dreading January as I seemed to remember, in the past, it just dragged on and on tediously and depressingly for what was definitely a lot longer than 31 days. But, not this first January since leaving Saudi:)

I suppose one reason could be not having to drag myself out of my bed on cold, dark mornings and drive to work in whatever the weather decided to deliver! How different to go in search of the snow for pleasure. Definitely, getting away to Austria for a lovely week’s skiing and excellent food helped January slip by more enjoyably.

Scrummy apple strudel.

Scrummy apple strudel.

Since getting back I’ve been frantically trying to catch up with my OU course, Children’s Literature. Up until now I’ve plodded through the set books because I’ve had to, but the books this time have been much more engaging, as far as I’ve been concerned. As a primary school teacher of over 30 years I’m embarrassed to admit how few I’ve read. This month the 4 novels are all literary award winners- Swallows and Amazons, tom’s Midnight Garden, northern Lights and Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. The last one, set in 1930’s Mississippi, USA, was the one that drew me in the most. It definitely will stay with me a long time and even although I know about the injustices of the apartheid   era it is still frightening how people can commit such horrific acts on another human being.

A definite must read!

A definite must read!

Sadly, looking around we have not moved on and atrocities are still inflicted on others just because they are  different.

O dear, I’ve got a bit off track!

So here we are in February,the shortest month of the year, and the last one before my 1 year anniversary of returning home. How time flies!


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