An expat in saudi

I arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1986 as a newly married young teacher. 27 years later I am still here- and still married! Over the years I have definitely seen many changes in the local area of Tabuk and of course met lots of interesting people, made a lot of good friends and as is the nature of living in an expat community had to say goodbye to many people too. The children I first taught are scattered around the world and beginning to have children of their own. How I wish I had started a blog when I first came but better late than never to start writing about my experiences in a country which I have felt is home but I will never ever be a part of no matter how long I stay here.

2 thoughts on “An expat in saudi

  1. I worked in the NICU at the NW Area Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk 1990-1992. I have been trying to find a Farwa since mine went missing in a move. I could sure use it in the 20 degree weather here.

    • Hi Debbie. I have now repatriated to UK. Luckily, my far was made it home with me and are great to use in the garden in the summer evenings sitting out around the bbq! Different life, different times! Are you on Facebook? There is a tabuk expat group page. A lot of hospital people share photos etc on it that you might know.

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