It’s the weekend here in Saudi so a perfect time to catch up on some serious study for my Open University course. Having received my books a few weeks ago I’ve been really proud of how far ahead I’ve been able to get with the reading. Now comes the first assignment. This week I’ve been trying to get together the notes I think I need to make a start on writing my essay.

So this was how much of my day should have been spent.
This is what was achieved instead.

Five flower brooches that I hope will appeal to a few people at the Christmas Fayre on our compound in December.
I’m really happy with them -only feel a little guilty about doing zero work on my essay and feel positive that tomorrow I’ll be in a more literary mood- Inshallah! As they say in Arabia!

The end is in sight!

Lovely sense of relief this evening as I’ve just submitted my 6th assignment for my Open University course:) If I had access to some alcohol I think I’d be having a wee tipple!

I now have 2 weeks to get the ‘biggie’ together. A mere 3000 words about bits of the course I haven’t covered in the 6 assignments- well I think that’s what it basically entails as I haven’t really read the question yet!
This last section included the topic of translation. Being only an English speaker myself I can’t really appreciate the extent that some things just don’t have the same meaning when translated, but there’s definitely something ‘Lost in Translation’ on this sign I saw at the local zoo!

With no alcohol to hand I’m going to celebrate the completion of my essay with some extra knitting time:) My new project is a pair of socks for my niece. Hoping she’s going to like the bright rainbow effect.


Cloudy skies, cool wind and university English language essay.

The last few days have been cloudy with some sunny spells and a cool breeze which was a bit chilly if you weren’t in a sheltered place. In fact probably more the kind of weather you’d expect in cooler climes like UK – in the summer!
However, I haven’t had much time to worry too much about the weather as I’ve been trying to focus my thoughts on my next Open University assignment. I enjoy the study part but always seem to get myself into a panic when the deadline gets nearer and what I thought was going to be straightforward turns out to be a lot more demanding. It’s weird how it all sounds so perfect and logical in my head but as soon as I try to start writing it all my ideas become as solid as the clouds that have been in the sky this week!
Anyway, this essay is all about the way English is used in higher education around the world and it got me thinking – how many people writing and reading on this blog site are writing in English as a non-native language? And if they are do they also contribute to another blog site in their first language.
Certainly since starting this course about the place of English in the world today it has made me realise that as a first language English speaker some aspects and opportunities are easier for me but my life would be much richer if I was competent in another language as well. And more than this I am totally in awe of the thousands and thousands of people who every day are studying, working and living using English as a foreign language.