At the Border

After the 2 and a half hour drive to the border between Saudi Arabia and Jordan it’s always nice to be able to get out and stretch your legs while the paperwork gets sorted out. As a people watcher it’s always interesting to check out the other travellers. Usually it’s a mix of Saudis (often petrol running as petrol is so much dearer in Jordan ) lorry drivers and at certain times of the year teachers returning home to Egypt. This time we had the added interest of the Jeddah Chapter of the Harley Davidson Club. The downside was that motor bikes are not he norm to be crossing the border, plus there were about 12 of them, so their paperwork took ages and we were behind:(. This meant that instead of our usual 30 mins it took us an hour to clear both sides. The positive was I had some interesting photo ops to while away the time. Here are a few of my shots-