Bring on the summer!

It’s been a long slog but I’ve made it to the end of my Open University course and submitted the last assignment:)



Having been a Primary School Teacher for 30+ years children’s literature featured daily in my life but it didn’t prepare me for what I experienced from doing this course. I was a little surprised when I first looked at the reading list to find I had only read a couple of the books- Treasure Island and Peter Rabbit. Of course I was familiar with Peter Pan, but only through watching the Disney cartoon! So a lot of new reading experiences were in store. As you can imagine some I loved and some I was thoroughly sick of by the time I’d completed the relevant assignment. I was surprised to find myself really enjoying Swallows and Amazons and I absolutely loved Role of Thunder by Mildred D. Taylor. Her account of growing up as a black child in the American South in the 60’s was both educational and entertaining and, I should imagine, would definitely give older children something to think about. Perhaps the set of books that I found most of an eye-opener myself, were the dystopic, teenage books- Junk, The Bunker Diaries and Divergent. Their topics of drugs, violence, teenage pregnancy, kidnapping, death and teenage prostitution were definitely a lot different to anything that I read as a teenager- and probably from the books I read now! I definitely learned a lot and I doubt I’ll ever read a children’s book in the same way again! As in those long ago school and student days, the exams are over -Bring on the long, lazy days of summer:)