Ladies’ Bank

Frustration, inconvenience, panic, bummer! Just a few of my thoughts and feelings when my bank card was rejected at the ATM machine and I couldn’t get any cash. Perhaps it was a fault with the machine? – but no, another machine spat out my card with the helpful suggestion to go to my bank.
Luckily, as I have a husband I was not completely destitute as his card was functioning ok, so we had access to money to go food shopping etc.
However, a trip to the bank was necessary to try to sort the problem of my card. As a woman with a bank account I have the pleasure of using the Ladies’ Branch of the bank- and a pleasure it certainly is. Every time I have had to go to the bank it has been a very civilised experience. Perhaps I have been lucky but unlike the men’s branch, which is always jostling with men, the ladies side has been very quiet and I am asked straight away ‘what do you want?’ (Perhaps it sounds a bit abrupt but I’m sure it is just using an unfamiliar language and no offence is intended). The women working in the bank are usually young, well dressed and made up- I know this because being in a totally female situation there are no abayas, head scarves or face coverings. To ensure no men wander in, there is a guard outside the door to the ladies’ branch.
Within 10 minutes I was on my way back home after the helpful, English speaking, Saudi female bank manager had sorted out the glitch that my new iqama (work visa) details hadn’t been entered back in January as I thought. So far, I haven’t been able to check it is now working as ……it takes 4 days to be activated! Now that’s sexual discrimination as my husband informs me his card works after just 1 day! ……So he will still be paying for the big supermarket shop next time too:)