90 minutes of bliss!

90 minutes- the time is takes to play a football match ….OR……. a fantastic top-to-toe body massage from the compound masseuse. I certainly know what I would choose. I had regularly had shoulder and back massages from Aeysha but today was my first body massage and it was truly fab-u-lous! She certainly found all my tense, knotted areas- some of which I was totally unaware of. I enjoy a firm massage and appreciate that this means a little pain from working on the very tight places and there were a few times I found myself resisting the pressure. But, despite this I felt sooo good all over…back, legs, arms, feet, shoulders, neck, head, tummy …each area felt renewed and much more relaxed than I can remember when. ……And did I mention the hot stones- a fantastic addition to the whole experience.
I’ m addicted and will be going back for more in a few weeks when Aesha returns from her 3 week holiday.