Inherited WIP.

As if I didn’t have enough WIP’s I have now inherited a nearly finished sock!


On the way back from Islay a few weeks ago I was passing ¬†the time on the ferry by knitting a sock. A new friend saw me and was delighted to find someone who knitted with 4 needles. She had recently been helping to clear out a woman’s house who had died and found the WIP. Originally, she had thought to try to finish the socks herself and then donate them to charity. Not being much of a knitter when she saw me knitting I provided a solution to getting the socks finished! I agreed to give it a try.

Last ¬†weekend I saw her again and was greeted with ‘I’ve got the knitting, if you’d still like it!’


I was relieved to see it came with a knitting book which I assumed contained the pattern.


It appeared that the socks were to be a pair of Men’s Ribbed Golf Socks, but when I read over the pattern and compared it to the already knitted sock the original knitter had made a modification to the look. Not only had she decided to knit the turnover top with a contrasting band but she had also changed it to include cables.


So just a wee bit of extra thought and working out to do, then!!

Hopefully my tension won’t be drastically different, but as I usually knit using the European way I’ll have to change to the British way to finish the sock.

Anyway, nothing ventured as they say!

I’m not sure when I’ll see my friend again but hopefully I’ll be able to present her with a completed pair of socks by then.

First socks of 2014.


First socks of 2014.

After 3 lovely but busy weeks back in Scotland it’s nice to have the time to get back into my knitting. The first pair of socks of hopefully a few knitting projects this year are intended for my sister-in-law in Wales. With the weather they’ve been having lately, the sooner I get them to her the better!

More socks!

Another pair off the needles:)
The unknowing recipient of these socks will be my brother who lives in London. I’m sure as winter is approaching there will be times when a cosy pair of socks will be appreciated- I hope!

So who will be my next ‘victim’! Sadly, my stash is dwindling to the choice of 3.

Living in Saudi Arabia and especially in the town of Tabuk means I have to either bring back my sock wool or order it and run the gauntlet of the mail and customs. So which colour combination will I choose for my sister-in-law who I’ve decided will be next for my socks. Well at least that was what I had intended until last night when I received a message from my niece who was ‘pretty pleasing’ for a pair after she’d seen the pair I’d knitted for her cousin!
2 of the yarns are Regia which I have so far used for all my socks but the other is the hand-dyed yarn I bought in Harris this summer. It feels so cosy being made from merino and bamboo that I’m just dying to see how it knits up. Decisions, decisions! Who will get what?

Socks and darning!

So here I am back in Scotland- my home country. Unfortunately, I live in an area where the Internet isn’t very reliable so it gets a bit frustrating to try and blog regularly, as often by the time I’m finished writing the connection goes and it seems impossible to get reconnected- hmmmm! Who knows if this will actually go later?!
Anyway, it’s lovely being at home and so far the weather has been great with lots of opportunity to be in the garden.
My sock presents are slowly being presented. First, was my father’s pair. He actually looked very happy to receive them- whether he ever wears them is another story!
Someone who might appreciate their socks a bit more is my sister-in-law. I have just sewn on some buttons down the side to add a little bit of a special feature. I actually recycled some buttons I got on a couple of clothes price labels from ‘white stuff’.

The other socks that I’ve been working on are a wee bit different- I’ve just found out they were knitted by my maternal grandmother for my grandfather at least 55 years ago! I really don’t know how they came to be in my house but I started wearing them last time I was home and they became quite holey! Last night, I decided it was time to do something I hadn’t done in perhaps 30 years- darning! I remembered I used to used a darning loom thing, but having moved house 18months ago had no idea where it was. After a little bit of searching and rummaging through a few sewing repair type boxes I unearthed not one but 2 of the darning looms. I was back in darning business!

Today I asked my mother about the darning loom as I remember it being in her house when I was a small child and I reckoned 5shillings in those days was quite expensive. She was pretty sure that it had only belonged to her and not my grandmother, but couldn’t remember how she got it etc.
So now the socks are darned I will carry on wearing them around the house for a long time to come.
I wonder if my newly knitted socks will still be worn in 55 years time by someone not born yet!

The end is in sight!

Lovely sense of relief this evening as I’ve just submitted my 6th assignment for my Open University course:) If I had access to some alcohol I think I’d be having a wee tipple!

I now have 2 weeks to get the ‘biggie’ together. A mere 3000 words about bits of the course I haven’t covered in the 6 assignments- well I think that’s what it basically entails as I haven’t really read the question yet!
This last section included the topic of translation. Being only an English speaker myself I can’t really appreciate the extent that some things just don’t have the same meaning when translated, but there’s definitely something ‘Lost in Translation’ on this sign I saw at the local zoo!

With no alcohol to hand I’m going to celebrate the completion of my essay with some extra knitting time:) My new project is a pair of socks for my niece. Hoping she’s going to like the bright rainbow effect.


Socks for my Dad:)

Well They’re finished!:)

My Dad’s new socks.
The last thing I knitted for my Dad was a scarf, about 50 years ago, when I first learnt to knit. It was a long colourful thing in whatever wool scraps my mum had so it widened and narrowed depending on the thickness of the wool. Despite sounding pleased he never wore it so the next time my uncle came home from the Merchant Navy the scarf was recycled to him! I doubt he wore it but as he was away at sea for months on end my feelings didn’t get hurt in the same way! So 50 years later I wonder if my socks will be appreciated? If not maybe I’ll be doing the prince in Cinderella thing and trying to find someone with size 9 feet!

I used Regia 4ply wool for my Dad’s socks and loved the way the pattern evolved all by itself. I am now hooked on knitting socks and just have to decide who the next lucky recipient will be before I cast on the stitches.
I’ve also been checking out some other sock patterns on the Internet. Very inspiring and some will need a lot more concentration than this last pair but definitely a challenge I’m very keen to try:)