Big Knitting!

A year ago I visited a delightful wool shop in Aberlour called Three Bags Wool Three Bags Wool and saw these giant-sized knitting needles!


Instead of knitting normal yarn the owner had sourced tweed/blanket off cuts from the local woollen mills to use. I was ‘in love’ with the novel idea and just had to get some.

My first project was to knit some seat pads for our garden chairs. All went well but the weather was not very encouraging so 3 and a half pads later the project found itself stashed in favour of my ever favourite sock knitting.

Last week the sun shone and the garden furniture came out of the shed and I unearthed the seat pads. Great as long as there was only 3 of us. Re-newed enthusiasm and the 4th is now complete. Here are two on the garden bench, all set for a wee sundowner at the weekend.


They were very comfy.


And the sundowners were very enjoyable too!





Loving the snow.

In everyday life snow is not something most adults seem to have a great fondness for, and to be honest, when I had to drive 14 miles to work I certainly dreaded it. But, just now I’m on a ski holiday in Austria and I can’t get enough of the stuff!! Of course a lot of sunshine thrown it really helps.


I wish I could say I was one of the people to make these ski tracks but my skiing skills confine me to the piste where I’m very happy.image

stopping for a coffee,hot chocolate or ?? Is all part of the skiing tradition.


The inside of the the mountain restaurants all have their individual charm. That’s one of the reasons I love skiing in Austria so much.image image


The Alps were so clear today:)

after 2 fabulous days in the sunshine and snow I feel so blessed and hopefully tomorrow will be another day to love the snow!