Craft storage progress


Craft storage progress

After painting my storage box with heirloom white paint I stencilled it using acrylic paints. Previously, I had used stencil paint crayons but like a lot of my craft resources they got left in Saudi. Using acrylic paints worked out ok but a couple of times I was a bit over generous with the paint on the brush! I enjoyed having a really good excuse for doing something crafty instead of regular chores in the house or garden.




Macro photography has been an absolute disaster as far as I’ve been concerned. Every time I’ve thought I’d cracked it I have had to look at all my friends beautiful ‘captures’ when all I’ve been able to succeed in doing is create , yet another set of blurry images! I’m pleased to say that yesterday’s attempts were a great improvement:) the only worrying thing is it was more ‘luck than judgement’ and I just hope that next time I will be able to reproduce a few more successful macro images……….




Spring in the desert.


A few weeks ago there had been torrential rain in the area. We had heard from some Saudis that an area called Al Agan near to the small village of Zita was very green so we decided to take a look. We were not alone as any Saudi families also wanted to experience this infrequent happening. After nearly 2 hurs driving we were rewarded with an amazing sight- the desert was covered in wild flowers and it stretched for miles! Naturally, with all this vegetation around the local Bedouin had their flocks of goat, sheep and camels grazing there. Being spring new additions to the flocks and herds were numerous in the form of kids, lambs and calves:) all in all it made for very pastoral scenes. I feel so lucky to have seen this other side of the desert.




Open University assignment.



How weird is this? I have spent a large part of the weekend – remember I am in Saudi so that means Thursday and Friday- trying to get my head round my latest assignment which just happens to be about English and technology including the way English is used in blogs! Needless to say I’d rather b actually writing my online diary than analysing the way English is used in them. I’m just glad I still have 10days until it’s due as not a lot of progress in what I’m going to write has been made.